Living in a true farm

Nature and wholesome products in acres of woods and meadows

We are inside an unspoilt area of over 100 acres of woods and mountain meadows, at an altitude of around 1,500 metres.

The pastures of our Farm give us the forage we feed our animals, and it is this high-quality feed that makes our cows give excellent milk, with a taste you will never forget. Ours is a genuine typical farm, and our woods give us much of the timber used to furnish our 10 exclusive rooms and our apartments.

The animals of the farm

A sensorial and visual experience for kids and grown-ups

Have you ever touched a calf, collected eggs still warm from hatching, or brushed a goat?

Any self-respecting Farmhouse can’t be without the typical animals of the farm. That’s why you’ll find cows, sheep, goats, rabbits and hens here! A farmhouse proper where kids, under our supervision, can carry out activities like collecting eggs in the early morning or milking cows.

Our playground

Happiness is at hand for the little ones, too

A great, big sandbox with buckets, spades and small bulldozers, a pulley to feel the thrill of speed one metre from the ground, a swing for very small and not so small children, and many tools in a wooden house where they can play and hide. These are just some of the elements of our brand new playground, and we’re sure our small guests will be delighted! Of course, we couldn’t do without a trampoline even the bigger kids can use, and nearby, just 200 metres away, in San Cassiano, there is a large playground with bouncy castles and a go-kart ring! Don’t miss “the larch trail” for the youngest kids, a didactic-naturalistic trail which starts in San Cassiano and winds through larch woods and mountain meadows, ending up at the foot of the Fanes – Senes – Braies natural park, between the areas of Rü and Rudiferia.

Pet friendly holidays

In summer or winter, lots of things to do with your dog

On holiday, you needn’t leave your best friend home, your inseparable fur-ball! All animals are welcome here, because this is their ideal environment, both in summer, with many viable trails and cool temperatures even in August, and winter, given the many beaten paths that are still viable even in heavy snow, especially towards Armentarola – La Villa, and even up to Corvara!

Our facility is surrounded by green mountain meadows and acres of woods and pastures, ideal for long walks and gambolling about. We can also direct you to our mountain lakes where you’ll find fresh drinkable water during summer hikes.

In short, there’s all it takes for it to be the perfect holiday for your pet, too!